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July 23, 2018

Foreign Exposure: Reaching the Unreachable Customers

By Moshe Demri, Optimove

180723 Optimove Reaching the Unreachable ThumbnailThe countless ways the world has changed over recent years has totally modified customers’ habits, making them very hard to influence. But the same changes in our world make it impossible for our consumers to be completely anonymous.

It’s just impossible to keep track. The changes are so vast, and they’re affecting every aspect of our daily lives. They cover all fields and industries: manufacturing, medicine, agriculture, automotive, corporate services, energy efficiency or digital economy. The use of deep learning technologies, big data analysis, cloud development, cyber security and many more, has brought a dazzling number of inventions onto our fingertips, and nothing will look the same again.

And the rhythm is gonna get you. Every year tops and doubles