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March 11, 2018

Update on the CDP Vendor Comparison Report

By David Raab, CDP Institute

180226 Vendor ComparisonThe Vendor Comparison report was published nearly two weeks ago, so it’s worth reporting a bit on its reception. 


In terms of popularity, the report was an overwhelming success.  There were more than 200 downloads the first day and the total is now close to 500.  It’s already the second-most popular item ever and will likely overtake the leader (the Industry Update published more than a year ago) within the next week. 

Comments on the substance of the report have generally been enthusiastic.  There’s been some sniping by vendors about ratings given to their competitors – possibly justified in some cases, although in specific instances we’ve reviewed so far, the existing ratings seemed correct.  Some vendors have also argued for changes in their own ratings.  This has yielded a few changes but, again, mostly confirmed the original choices.  Now that the list of questions is set, it will be easier to ensure we get answer