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February 13, 2018

Disruption in Retail: Customer Relationship Management Intersects the Internet of Things

by Luke Saville, SessionM

180213 SessionM Disruption in RetailWe are living in the breakout period of big data and the proof is all around us. Every day the digital devices we interact with become smarter and more personalized, improving how they anticipate our needs and desires. The technology leap of utilizing unimaginable amounts of data has modified consumer behavior; customers expect interactions with brands to be as natural and intelligent as the interactions with their phones and apps.

The challenge and opportunity are immense. Retailers’ assets include supply chains, physical stores, ecommerce, mobile commerce, and marketing channels. Retailers’ headwinds include changing consumer expectations, market disruption, legacy technology, and financial pressure. There has been a rapid upheaval of the old world order in retail as giants have fallen and nimble players have quickly stepped up to fill the vacuum.

Competing starts with understanding your customer and responding to their needs. In today’s vastly connected